Blueberry Varieties

At Bennett Orchards, we feature five different varieties of farm direct, northern highbush blueberries, with our harvest usually beginning in mid June and continuing through mid July. Ripening dates of the varieties listed below tend to overlap quite a bit, meaning multiple varieties are often available simultaneously. These dates are approximate and do vary from year to year, so it is important to contact us by phone or visit our website each time you plan to visit the field or farmers' markets to find out what varieties are currently available.

Duke - The earliest of our blueberry varieties, Duke kicks off the season with its excellent size, flavor and lovely powder blue finish.  It typically ripens in mid June and is available for picking periodically through the end of the month.  Vigorous plants and impressive yields make Duke a real favorite among early season varieties.

Spartan - A few days later, Spartan arrives with its enormous size and beautiful dark blue color.  Taste testings among customers have decided the flavor of Spartan to be one of the best and we agree! The plants do have limited yields when compared with other varieties, so be sure and get them while they last.

Draper - A relative newcomer in the world of blueberry varieties, Draper was released a few years ago and immediately impressed growers and customers alike with its huge size, light blue color, and sweet flavor.  Ripening near the end of June, the crisp texture and longer shelf life have made these a real favorite. Don't let the small stature of these plants fool you, they can really produce!

Blueray - The season truly gets going with the arrival of Blueray around July 1. These large, deep blue berries have superb flavor that's considered one of the best by all. A great berry for any use.

Bluecrop - "If it ain't broke, don't try and fix it."  Just like our Redhaven peach variety, Bluecrop has been the standard among blueberry varieties for many years. It has wonderful size and a classic blueberry flavor and color that many will recognize.  That's why we grow more of this variety than any other.  Bluecrop usually ripens in early July and can last until mid month.  Many varieties have come and gone, but Bluecrop remains the king!


Always call or check our website, for current picking conditions.