Peach Varieties

Bennett Orchards features 18 different varieties of tree ripened peaches and nectarines, with the harvest usually beginning in early July and continuing through the end of August. These dates are approximate and vary from year to year so it is important to contact us by phone or visit our website each time you plan to visit our pick-your-own orchard or farmers' markets.

Gala - The season kicks off with some early varieties that have become customer favorites. One exceptionally colorful yellow peach is Gala, with an approximate ripening date of mid July.

Redhaven - This is followed by the ever popular yellow freestone, Redhaven, the most widely grown peach in the world, also with an approximate ripening date in mid-July.

Blushing Star - Next is the much anticipated local favorite, the white Blushing Star peach with its trademark blush of pink and creamy white flesh appearing around late July.

Loring- Sometime during the first week in August, the traditional” King of Peaches” debuts with the arrival of the Lorings, and their impressive size and flavor.

Messina - Another late season favorite with its sweet taste and striking color is the Messina yellow peach. Its delicious firm flesh makes it a good choice for freezing.

Fantasia - The much awaited and incomparable Fanatasia nectarine also appears in the late season.

Always call or check our website, for current picking conditions.