The Bennett Farm


The original Bennett ancestors came ashore following a shipwreck just south of what is now the Indian River Inlet in the mid- 1700s. The Bennetts first extracted salt from seawater and have continued an agricultural legacy in Delaware for over two and a half centuries. The Bennett family farm has been the site of grain and poultry production in previous centuries but the current generations have focused on developing the first successful pick-your-own peach orchard in Delaware and look to the future with a groundbreaking enterprise in blueberry production as well.

This original Bennett farm has been tilled by six successive generations of Bennetts since 1867. The farmhouse on the property was built in the 1850s when the farm was the seat of a complex consisting of a water-powered gristmill and sawmill known as “Baltimore Mills”. The mill complex dates to the 1780s and is on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1983, the first peach trees were planted on 25 acres of land. In 1987, the pick-your-own operation began, serving locals and visitors alike with such seasonal favorites as white peaches and nectarines. Our operation expanded again in 2011 with our 8 acre blueberry planting that is also now in production.

Bennett Orchards has been placed in an Agricultural Preservation District and has been listed as one of Delaware's historic “Century Farms”. Our family-owned operation has also been featured on the national PBS series “America's Heartland” and WBOC's “Travels with Charlie”.

Always call or check our website, for current picking conditions.