Pick Your Own Bennett Blueberries

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 Approximately starting in early to mid June and lasting through mid to late July, Bennett Blueberry Season typically lasts for 4-6 weeks total. With a harvest of about 2-3 weeks per varietal, ripening times of Bennett Blueberry Varieties tend to overlap quite a bit, meaning multiple varieties are often available simultaneously. These dates are approximate and do vary from year to year, so it is important to contact us by phone at 302 732 3358, or visit our homepage, each time you plan to visit Bennett Orchards and pick-your-own Bennett Blueberries. Please visit Bennett Blueberry Varieties for a description and estimated availability of all five of our luscious varietals.

How to Pick Bennett Blueberries 

Select the largest, uniformly indigo, Bennett Blueberries with no hint of purple or white on any part of the berry, including the backside. A full, deep blue color is the best indicator of the ripest and sweetest Bennett Blueberries. A ripe berry should easily fall into the palm of your hand when picked. Our bushes are meticulously cared for to create a delightful, easy and intensely-sweet picking experience that might just be the highlight of your summer.


At Home

Once back at home, unlike Bennett Peaches, Bennett Blueberries should be placed in the refrigerator to enhance their flavor and shelf life. For more information on storing, including How to Freeze Bennett Blueberries, please refer to Storing & Freezing Bennett Blueberries.

Additional Information

Complimentary picking containers are provided for your convenience and Bennett Blueberries are priced per pound with a 4 Lb Minimum. Our current price per pound is listed under "Current Picking Conditions" on our homepageWe offer a 10% discount when picking over 30 lbs. Wagons are also provided for use when picking, free of charge, to further facilitate your experience, making pick-your-own Bennett Blueberries an easy, engaging, and intensely-sweet experience for all ages. Please refer to "Your Picking Experience" for further information on the pick-your-own experience at Bennett Orchards. We always ask that you please check our website homepage or call 302 732 3358 for a daily update on picking conditions prior to your visit. Our beautiful Bennett Blueberry Bushes eagerly await your arrival!

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